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Following the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic across the world, it is highly important that we all now observe and implement the guidelines outlined by governing bodies.

I have always actioned safety and cleanliness on productions but it is now necessary to go further. That's why I have assembled a PPE and cleaning kit which is constantly growing and changing in response to production requirements. The safety of crew, contributors and talent alike is paramount.

Keeping that now all important distance on the job is a challenge for us all. Some equipment can certainly aid in that effort. As part of my standard kit, it will include a wireless monitoring system for the director and a long lens option.


The kit in question is the Holland Cosmo 600 TX/RX system with the Blackmagic 4K video assist monitor. As well as the Fujinon Cabrio 20-120mm servo full frame 4K glass. These are ideal for maintaining the distance from subjects.

Additional wireless monitoring and distancing solutions are available externally for an additional cost.

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